Sachen gibts

Dear Friend,

My name is Valentin. I'm 25 years and I live with my mother in Russian small town. My mother cannot see and authorities pay her little indemnity what is not enough even for medicaments.

I work very hard to buy necessities and medicaments for my mother but my salary very small.

The situation hopeless in our region and we afraid what local boilerhouse can to stop heat our home. Winter come and temperature can become minus 30 degree in the near weeks. We are not know what to do and we very afraid.

Thanks to free internet in our library I finded different e-mail adresses and decide to appeal to you with pray in my heart for help.

If you have any old sleep-bag, warm blanket, warm clothes and shoe, portable heater, tin and dry food, vitamines, medicament against cold flu, gygien-products, I will be very happy if you can to send it to our address:

Valentin Michaylin,
Ulica Truda 24 - 8,
Kaluga. 248000,

If it easier to you to help with some money please write to me back and I write to you how to send its safe. This way to help very good because in this case I
will be able to buy portable stove and heat home all the winter.

I pray what you can help to us to survive this winter. I also pray what this hard situacion will become better very soon in our country.

Diese Email hab ich heute bekommen, ich habe aber garkeinen Freund in Russland. Ich möchte auch keinen Freund in Russland. Aber wer gerne einen Freund in Russland haben möchte, kann ja den hier nehmen. Ich will ihn auch nicht zurück!

2 Responses to “Sachen gibts”

  1. Anonymous sagt:


    Haben genau die gleiche Mail erhalten. Weißt du, was es damit auf sich hat???

    Bitten um rasche Antwort.
    Danke im Voraus.


  2. Maelicitas sagt:

    Ne keine Ahnung! sorry.